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Basic facts about Nha Trang

To help you understand some basic facts about Nha Trang here is information to help you. Tourists who come to Vietnam the first time have problems with understanding the culture. Nha Trang, like other cities, will also make you wonder what is happening around you.

Morning exercices on the beach

Very early in the morning, before the sun gets too strong, there are many people on the Nha Trang beach swimming and doing morning exercises. Later, until late in the afternoon, usially after 4pm people come back to the beach. Between 8am and 4pm the sun is too strong to sit on the beach. At this time the shadow from the palms is on the street so there is chance to find any shadow on the beach. Early afternoon the shadow given by palms comes to the beach.


Protect yourself from the sun!!!

It is important to remember that the sun in Nha Trang is not only hot but it really burns the skin. Probably that's the reason most of Vietnamese swim in clothes. It is especially important for people with white skin to cover their skin. Sun cream with SPF 50+ is a must !!! In Amazon they even sell SPF 90. In Nha Trang in tourist places you can also buy it, but bottles are small and the price is few times higher than in Europe. So better bring it with you.

When I first came to Nha Trang I thought it was hot so it was necessary to wear as little clothes as possible. I couldn't be more wrong. In fact the more you cover your skin, the better. As far as I can see no tourists cover their skin and hang around the city with most of their skin exposed to the sun. If you stay there 2 or 3 days maybe nothing will happen, but if you stay longer it is better to be carreful than later regret. I came to Nha Trang totally not aware of this burning sun. I had no idea the sun can really burn the skin after just few minutes. But this is what actually happened. Just less than one hour in the sun sitting on the top of the tourist boat and my skin changes forever. Dozens of small brown spots appeared and I many of them turned to sall wounds. Very unpleasant and v ery painful. After many years now my skin looks ok but when I see it closely I still have dozens of small spots in the places that were exposed the most to the sun.

hat-with-big-brimI highly recommend to wear a hat with a big brim. Big enough to make a shadow on your face It is also a good idea to take an umbrella to cover from the sun. It is very difficult to buy an umbrella it in Nha Trang.



Why people wear masks and gloves even when it is over 45 C in the sun?

face-mask-nha-trang-vietnamYou might have noticed people selling and wearing masks and gloves. When I saw the first time a lady wearing gloves before she got on her motorbike I thought she might have got some dangerous skin disease and she didn't want to contaminate other people. I felt very ashemed to ask her about the gloves. However after few minutes I saw most of women wearing gloves. I really couln't understand what was happening. It took me few days to figure out that all those funny clothes were to protect from the burning sun. At that time I thought people were a bit crazy to do it, but now I really understand they don't have other choice.


Motorbike helmets in vietnam

helmet-nha-trang-vietnamSince the end of 2007 it is obligatory to wear helmets in Vietnam. However still high rate of traffic fatalities is one of the highest in the world. These helmets resemble more bicycle helmets than motorbile helmets.

What a difference, a Vietnamese helmet and a European one.



How to buy fuel in Nha Trang

There are few petrol stations in the city, but you can also see fuel sold on the streets from a bottle. There are always some people standing at the edge on the street with strange looking bottles. So certainly this is not anything to drink, it is fuel. But who knows if they haven't added something inside to increase the volume. Nobody can check it.


Rainy season in Nha Trang

shoes-nha-trang-vietnamRainy season in Nha Trang is around 3 months October to December. Even though some tourists always some. The rain doesn't last forever and it is always possible to go to the beach. It is a good idea to bring plastic shoes. If you visit the city, there is almost no place to hide when it rains. Streets turn to swimming pools and only plastic shoes will make you feel comfortable and later you can dry them so easily.

It is not very comfortable to carry unbrella, it is up to you, but I think a rain coat is so much more comfortable. On the streets they sell very cheap rain coats, but they are usually for one or two uses and then you need a new one.


Banks and currency exchange

So many tourists come to Nha Trang that you will not have any problems with finding an ATM. Personally I haven't seen any bank, but you can exchange money in any tourist office or in a jewellery shop. It is a bit c heaper in jewellery shops but it is more difficult to find them.

You can check the current rate of VN dong at www.xe.com/ucc/









These are some basic facts about Nha Trang. Should I add here somethig more?




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