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Mud bath
Thap Ba Hot Springs
Vĩnh Phước, Nha Trang

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Eating and drinking in Nha Trang

Except swimming another attraction is eating and drinking in Nha Trang. This city has restaurants almost everywhere. At the next page you will find a list of the most popular rastaurants. Most of them are situated in the tourist district. I have devided them depending on the kind of food they offer. Except Vietnamese food, you will also find there French food, Italian, Maxican, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and many others

Restaurants in Nha Trang

Many restaurants change into bars in the night. Here is the list of the most popular bars and discos in Nha Trang. All situated in the tourist district.

Bars/Pubs/Discoteques in Nha Trang




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