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Important things to know about Nha Trang

There are few important things to know before you arrive to Nha Trang. If this is your first travel it is good to know what to expect.


1. The sun in Nha Trangis VERY strong, don't go out without sun cream with SPF 50+. Many ladies complain that such factor they cannot tan. Yes that's true, but without it your skinn will just burn. The choice is yours.

2. Watch out for thieves on Nha Trang beach . If you stay on the beach alone and quite fer from other people, there is a big risk that a thief can steal your bag and run away without a fraction of a second. Do not leave your bag unattended. You cannot even imagine how quickly thieves can run with your bag. You can read my story here, how I was robbed on the beach.

3. Sad to say that, but thieves are also present in the most busy tourist beauty salons and massage places in Nha Trang. If you go there without any bag and just relax while having a massage, I guess you should not be afraid. But if you come there with a bag and leave it near the bed where you will have a massage, when your eyes are closed and you are having fun, the personel will check if there is money in your bag or a mobile phone. Read my story here how I was robbed of my mobile.

4. On the beach you can hire sun beds for 30.000 VND (in 2010). There are situated on the beach oposite hotels, but every person can hire them, not only hotel guests. They do not write in any place that you have to pay for it. I didn't know about it and just sat down on one of them only to change my wet clothes, maximum 5 min but somebody came to me shouting to pay 30.000 VND. I didn't pay, because I didn't take any money to the beach, but I was in very inconvinient situation.


Are there any other important things to know before arriving to Nha trang?



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