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Nha Trang airports
(Nha Trang and Cam Ranh)

Nha Trang getting there

There are two airpots in Nha Trang: city airport and Cam Ranh (an old US Air Force base). The one in the city centre was closed May 16th 2005 and now is used only for military purpose. It is a pitty, because it is located just in the centre of Nha Trang, oposite many hotels and oposite the beach.

Cam Ranh airport is situated 30km south of Nha Trang city. It is linked to Nha Trang by the National Highway #1 (40 Km) or the new Pacific Coast highway (30 Km). Until 1970s it was used by United States Air Force for military purpose and later by Russians until 2002. It was open in 2004 for the first time for commercial national flights. The first commercial flight from Hanoi landed at Cam Ranh on May 19, 2004. And since December 2009 Cam Ranh started operating also international flights. Singapore's air carrier SilkAir plane was the first international flight to Cam Ranh.

Only in 2009 there were 700,000 passangers and among them 385,000 foreigners. Cam Ranh has a single runway considered to be the longest runway in Vietnam. Cam Ranh has a new terminal that can accommodate 800 passengers per hour during peak times (including 200 international ones). The new terminal is a two-storey building and features waiting areas for both business and economy class passengers, canteen, registration areas and a souvenir shop.

Authorities plan to build another runway by 2020, increasing its annual capacity to 5.5 million passengers and 100,000 tonnes of cargo.

Vietnam Airlines is expected to launch a direct route from Incheon (the Republic of Korea) to Cam Ranh

Airlines that arrive to Cam Ranh :    
  • Jetstar Pacific Airlines
  • S7 Airlines
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Vladivostok Air
  • Silk Airlines

codes of the airports:

Nha Trang: NHA
Cam Ranh: CXR














Cam Ranh is so far from the city that it is now a bit more expensive to arrive to Nha Trang. There are 2 options: taxi or bus.

1.TAXI At the airport you can find a place where you can pay a fixed price for a taxi and then nobody will cheat you. Pre-arranged price is much cheaper than if you go with the meter. If you go outside and take the taxi without fixed price, the taxi they will go by meter and it is around double the price then. It takes 40 minutes to arrive to Nha Trang city. It is important to know that there are 2 kinds of taxis small 4-seat taxi, costs VND 170.000 (US$10) or big 7-seat taxi, costs VND 230.000 (US$14).

2. BUS The second option is to catch a shuttle bus (30.000 VND). It takes 40 minutes and goes to the old Nha Trang city airport. A shuttle bus is operated in connection with every Vietnam Airlines flight. From there you will be able to go on foot (800 m) to the hotels by the sea. After having dropped passengers at the old air terminal, the bus carries on its way and goes to the major hotels in the town, but you have to buy another ticket.

During 40 minutes that you will sit in the taxi or bus you can admire the most beautiful nature in the world. I really cannot imagine anything more beautiful. Airport Taxi-drivers are lucky they can see it all the time.









vietnamese vocabulary that you may need:

Sân bay Quốc tế Cam Ranh = Cam Ranh International-Airport

sân bay = airport

máy bay = airplane

xe buýt = bus

di xe buýt = go by bus

hộ chiếu = passport

thị thực = visa


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