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Mud bath
Thap Ba Hot Springs
Vĩnh Phước, Nha Trang

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Videos from Nha Trang

Here are couple of videos from Nha Trang. There are funny things tourists observe there and very happily take videos.

Streets of Nha Trang are really crowded, especially early in the morning and late afternoon. Here is how they look like. Motorbikes and cyclos everywhere and a lot of noise. Everybody honkig as long as they sit on their motorbikes :)

streets of Nha Trang


In the night it is more difficult to ride a motorbike, but even more difficult to cross the street. If you expect to see traffic light, don't dream about it. They don't exist. Actually, recently few of them appeared on the streets of Nha Trang, but nobody cares about them anyway. I can compare the trafic there to a jungle - no rules and everyone does what is the most convinient for them.

Nha Trang by night


The beauty of the beach in Nha Trang compensates for the nasty traffic on the streets.

the more quiet beach, north of the city


Here is another video from Nha Trang city centre. On this square during the day there are almost no people, maybe few tourists from time to time who want to burn their skin in the sun. However when the sun goes down local people come there in great numbers to enjoy lower temperature than during the day and to fly kites.

public square, city centre



There are other interesting videos from Nha Trang. Here you can see how inventive Vietnamese people are. It is really interesting how people can transport different things without having cars.

amazing what you see on the Streets of Nha Trang


And here is rainy season in Nha Tang.

rainy weather in Nha Trang


Outsite the city one of the most famous islands is Monkey Island. Vietnamese monkeys apparently can do the same things like Vietnamese people on the street . They ride a bike, ride a cyclo, but so far they don't ride a motorbike. Not yet, but wait few more years :)

Monkey island




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