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Vinpearl cable car - my story

When I decided to go to Vinpearl, I was not even sure what this place exactly was. I heard only that it is an amusement park. But now I know that there is so much more, an aquarium, water park and of course the whole separate place with a hotel and nice places to swim for hotel guests.

To get to Vinpearl I went with a motorbike to the south of Nha Trang, until the end of the city. There was the entrance to the cable car. The motorbike man was supposed to pick me up from there after 2,5 hours. It was already late in the evening so that's why I didn't have too much time to have fun at the island.

There was a small queue to enter the cable car, but it moved quickly. It was already after the sunset. So I couldn't admire all the beauty of the nature below me. I saw only the skyline of the city and the shape of the Hon Tre island and a huge shiny word Vinpearl. In my cabin I was with 3 other tourists. All 4 of us tried desperately to take pictures, but it was too dark and all pictures were just black. Flash also didn't help, as it reflected from all windows. It is certainly better to go there during the day and come back in the evening.

When I got to Vinpearl I didn't know what to expect. I saw in front of my eyes plenty of strong lights from the amusement park. It was so beautiful, colourful lights everywhere. I had some fun there and I discovered that there was even an aquarium. I also went there and it was really nice. Small, but really worth seeing. I realized there was also a water park there, but it was closed after the sunset so I could not go there.

I didn't have much time to have fun there, because the motorbike man was supposed to wait for me soon, so I came back to the cable car. It was just 1 hour before the closing time so the queue was really long. When I finally got to the cabin, I was squeezed there with few other persons. Unlucky for all of us, one lady had really severe motion sickness. Just after few minutes after the departures she started vomiting. Immediately all people moved away and gave her a tissue. The whole journey takes around 15 min so it was the longest 15 min in my life. I couldn't even concentrate on admiring the beautiful nature below our cabin.





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