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where you should not go

There are few places in Nha Trang where you should not go. And even though Nha Trang is a very nice place for tourists and most of them are happy and bring home a lot of good memories, there are few INfamous places. On my "black list" now there are three places, because they were heavily criticised on many websites. It is of course your choice if you go there or not, but other tourists warn that they were robbed or they were put in a dangerous situation.

where you should not go: Nha Trang Beach Massage

According to the reviews at tripadvisor website it is a place where you will not get a good massage. Apparently they force turists to pay before the massage, which never happens in other places. Moreover after the massage they don't allow tourists to leave before ........ paying again 100% more. Sounds scarry? Nobody would write it if some tourists were not very angry after a visit in this place. You can read here reviews from "victims".


where you should not go: Why Not Bar

Even though many tourists go there, it seems that this bar is a place where security beats and kicks people in the night. According to really scary reviews at tripadvisor website it is better to avoid this place. One innocent tourist lost a tooth while being there in the wrong place, at the wrong time. This bar is also much more expensive than other places, but the real problem is that innocent people are often involved in fights. It is your decision if you go there or not, but so far most of the tourists who went there after the sunset complained about fighting in this bar and the security people being very aggressive and impolite.

recently added to this list is Sailing club, after the review on virtualtourist. It is described as a place full of prostitutes and theves. However, many other tourists say it is one of the most popular places. So, every place can be good and bad, depends on your luck.


Do you have any more suggestions? Have you found yourself in an unpleasant sitiation in Nha Tang. Let us know. Share your story with us.





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