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When I ignored a motorbike man in Nha Trang - my story

One day I was walking on the pavement near Ana Mandara Resort and a guy on a motorbike just couldn't resist stopping and shouting to me "Hello-motorbike". I heard this at least every 5 minutes for almost 3 weeks and I was so fed up with "Hello-motorbike" that I decided to ignore such shouting men. It worked fine for all those guys before, but this guy was really stubborn and didn't want to give up easily. When he stopped near me, I turned my face in the opposite direction showing him that I wanted to ignore him. But the stubborn guy was really desperate to pick me up with his motorbike. So when I ignored him and pretended to admire a tree standing near me, he thought that maybe I was stupid and thought that the voice was comming from the tree. So he shouted again. And again I pretended to admire the tree above my head. When he shouted the third time I turned back and started walking in the opposite direction. I used to do like this often and usually it was enough to get rid of the annoying guy. Nobody wanted to bother to turn back and follow me again, but this time I met such ancredibly stubborn guy.


The guy turned his motorbike the oposite direction and followed me driving against the stream. I guess he thought I was blind and deaf. But at the same time I thought he was so incredibly stupid to think like that and folow me, when I was running away from him. I got really angry. I stopped and turned again. The guy did the same really quickly. It is not so easy to turn 180 degrees wile sitting on a motorbike, but this guy was really quick. When I saw he turned his motorbike again in the same direction that I was walking, I decided to run. I got a bit scared that I couldn't get rid of him, but first of all I was angry he disturbed me and I had no idea what he was thinking. How somebody can follow a poor tourist for no reason. When I started running the guy of course followed me happily. I run to the beach so that he could not follow me there anymore. I turned my head for a second and he was still on the street starring at me with such an impolite smile on his face. I hid myself between other people on the beach and finally he left me alone.

I really don't know why some "Hello-motorbike" men (as I call them) are so annoying. I have the feeling that they think tourists are stupid idiots who are blind and deaf and are so weak that are unable to walk alone and need to put their buttocks on a motorbike. It was maybe funny during the first few days, but for people who stay for a long time, it becomes really difficult to be polite when every 5 minutes somebody disturbs on the street.



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